Bundle Existing Products to Make More Money

In late January, I released Scorched Earth 1.1 for the iPhone (App Store link). This included two new weapons, and bundling options repackaging existing products as new bundle products. This allows the user to buy a single weapon upgrade individually or all available weapon upgrades as a bundle, saving them the time and hassle of going through the checkout process for each product. Bundle options are presented along with individual products as a “buy this/buy all” prompt.

Since the bundle feature was rolled out, the “all weapons” bundle jumped immediately to the top as the number one most popular in-app purchase. The bundle doesn’t cost less (sometimes, there are sales, but there’s no prompt in the app to promote the sale). It is simply a mechanism of packaging multiple products into a single convenient transaction. Of course, you could choose to offer a bundle at a discounted price if that suits your needs. In my case, it’s a packaging thing, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My in-app purchasing revenues have more than doubled since I introduced this feature.

The take-away here is clear. You don’t necessarily need to offer a new product to increase in-app purchase revenue. You may be able to make significantly more money by repackaging your existing products into bundles and giving the user the option to buy individually or as a bundle.

This is the sort of analysis I do for clients. This advice is free. If you are considering introducing in-app purchase products into your app, or you’d like to develop a strategy to expand your current mobile business, please schedule a consult (http://migrantstudios.com/about/consult). I can work with your business analysts to define and organize products and then show your developers how to integrate InventoryKit (available on github) into your app. With a little expert advice and the power of free open source software, your team can have in-app purchasing ready for testing in as little as a few hours. This small investment can generate significant revenue over the life cycle of your product.

But don’t take my word for it. Look at the number one top grossing app in the App Store for the last six months (at least). Tap Zoo is a free app with in-app purchasing of consumable products, and it’s making more money than Angry Birds.

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