Walking in the Valley of Giants

If I were to sum up my experience of the last six months, it would be walking in the valley of giants. I have spent all of that time surrounded by the smartest, most talented people I’ve ever met. These are the people few of us have occasion to meet, people who talk to you as a real person, as an equal, yet they’re so ridiculously smart that you walk away from any given conversation with them feeling like you earned a master’s degree by osmosis. These are the people who, when they interrupt you, it feels right because you somehow know they know what you’re about to say, they’ve thought of that, and it won’t work because of things they proceed to explain kindly in ways you never thought about. In the end, they take what could easily have escalated into an ego explosion and dissipate it, leaving everyone in the room feeling smarter.

The giants are only a part of the landscape, though. They walk amongst the trees. I see the trees as giants who have evolved into a higher form of life, taken root to invest in the local ecosystem and build a community. These are the mentors. They’ve lived the highs and lows of the fast paced life, grown to be giants, pillars of their community, and now they’re taking that metaphor more literally. They guide the giants along their path, carrying on the legacy they once followed. They have no interest in suffering all-nighters and last-minute travel to pitch hopes and dreams campaigns to out-of-touch rich white guys. They’re ready to let the giants carry the torch.

And then there’s a layer of fog between the giants and everyone else in the valley, the folks whose inner fire is long snuffed out – the naysayers. Many people live their entire lives without knowing the warmth of this inner fire, this drive to do more, to be better, stronger, faster. The competitive spirit of the entrepreneur is known only to a select few, those who prefer bold action over armchair quarterbacking. Those without it often fear those who display it proudly. Sometimes, the townspeople take up arms in protest against the actions of the giants, who always seem to weather the storm with quiet patience. They know the transient nature of the frantic mob mind. They understand that this, too, shall pass and give way to something new. I never met Steve Jobs. He died before our paths had opportunity to cross, but his wisdom is appropriate here. He said that consumers need to be told what they want.

Consumers are assholes. They want the impossible for free. They don’t understand the herculean effort required of the architects and designers of the apps they love. They are bitchy teenage girls who expect Prince Charming to waltz through the door, offering a magic new way to do whatever their current fancy commands. They want machine interfaces to understand them without their ever interacting with the machine, as if it has some kind of digital empathy. As technology advances and recommendation engines get better and better at predicting the song you want to hear or rearranging your calendar, consumer expectations continue to rise. Now, Siri can determine your mood and reschedule your lunch meeting with that abrasive tool from marketing, so you don’t have to hear his pedestrian stories about the crazy escapades he allegedly witnessed this weekend and all the hot sex he allegedly had with that allegedly cute blonde. Siri knows you’d prefer a quiet escape from the chaos with some nice dim sum at your favorite Chinese place, sans your annoying colleague.

Ok, Siri isn’t that great. Yet. But, the point is the same. There are a lot of people in this world who tell you your ideas are terrible, you’ll never make money, and you’re a fool for trying. Those people are dead inside. Ignore them, and take your rightful place among the giants. The people you need to pay attention to are the ones who are excited about the product you’re selling, can afford to buy it, and are happy someone has taken the time to fix something they thought was broken. These people are your best friend. Find them, make friends, and get connected. They will help you build the forrest, feed the giants and the trees alike. They are the fundamental fuel of the ecosystem. Without them, all is lost. It’s your job to inspire them, to captivate them, to compel them to choose your product offering over all others. Because that’s that giants do. They lead the townspeople to greener pastures, lay the foundation for sustainable progress for the entire community, and do it all with a smile. Sometimes, they take a pitchfork in the ass, but they do it willingly. Like caring parents, they understand that you need help making your way through this world, and they only want the best for you, even if you crucify them for it.

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