I Hope Tomorrow is Yesterday

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re sprinting while others are crawling? It’s like you’re in a dream, but you’re not. It’s real life, and you’re redefining the meaning of swagger. Maybe it’s just for a short time, but it changes you. I’ve heard athletes call it the zone or the groove, as if to pay homage to the natural rightness of music. To be “in the groove” is to be at peace with your environment. The needle flirts with the ridges and valleys of a record, inspiring the bell to sing your favorite song.

To be in the flow of things is to understand the truths of the universe. One of our most brilliant minds compelled us to consider the relative significance of events in our collective consciousness. While we typically think of relativity as a physical concept, we see the same dynamics in other systems. Perceptual systems are particularly sensitive to the relativity model. When we are caught up in the flow of progress, we might as well be inside a time dilation field, where time flows slower. We experience multiple successive breakthroughs over a period of weeks, but to the outside observer, we’ve discretely changed from one state to another, like cel animation. In one frame, we’re assembling a bow. In the next, a wooden catapult. Before you know it, we’ve fashioned a rail gun capable of launching 10kg payloads into orbit.

Emotionally, I associate this sensation with the hope that tomorrow might accidentally turn out to be yesterday, just so I can have that much more time in this life. It makes me feel like sleep is a penalty for not finding enough interesting distractions to keep exhaustion at bay. So in that sense, I hope today lasts for years. But at the same time, I hope I can find a few weeks in there to fit in a nap.

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