Over the Bay

I wrote this song on Christmas Eve for a very special lady, someone I love very much, someone with whom I share my life, as often as she lets me. There was a certain magic in that night. She was taking photos of the moon while I was writing a song about it. I hope you like it. Listen to my shitty first draft on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/aubrey-goodman/over-the-bay-draft/s-pe7dr

Over the bay, under the moon
I’ll make my way to my little spoon

She’s waited so long to see what she needs
I don’t feel so strong, I say baby please

So I’m letting my heart fly away
And I’m taking a short trip today
Tonight I’ll hold you close to me
This is how we’re meant to be
Let me show you what it means to be free

I know in my heart I’m the man of her dreams
I just need a spark, gotta feel like a team

She’s out in the burg, just out of reach
I’ve got the words, but she can’t even speak


So I’m over the bay, out of my mind
Time shows the way, soon we will find

She’s back in my arms, a smile on her face
I’ll keep her from harm, shine light on her grace